Afghan Specialties



seasoned boneless chicken thigh with a touch of spice
Beef Tikka


tenderloin beef prepared in house
Chicken Breast


marinated and seasoned boneless breast of chicken


minced meat marinated in dry and fresh crushed chilies
Beef Kofta


lean ground beef marinated in fresh spices and seasoning
Royal Mantu


steamed dumplings stuffed with beef and cooked with onion and yellow lentil gravy
Royal Mix


combination of chicken breast and kofta kabobs


combination of beef tikka and kofta kabobs
Royal Lamb Shank


spiced lamb shank slow cooked with rice, raisins and carrots

Greek Specialties

Garden Style Shrimp


butterflied jumbo shrimp marinated in royal lemon and garlic sauce


choice of marinated chicken, beef or lamb($) on a skewer and broiled - starting at
Salmon Athena


salmon steak, marinated and broiled
Shrimp Souvlaki


shrimp on a skewer marinated in garlic, olive oil and lemon sauce then broiled


grilled eggplant, zucchini and seasoned ground beef, layered with herbed potatoes baked with bechamel topping
Chicken Steak


boneless chicken breast marinated in olive oil, lemon, oregano and broiled
Seafood Saganaki


shrimp sauteed in garlic herbs and marinara sauce then baked with crumbled feta
Royal Family Dinner


moussaka, beef tikka, chicken souvlaki, lamb chops, kofta kabob, served with qabulee, roasted potatoes

Shawarma & Pita's

Chicken Shawarma


chicken in a wrap with your choice of vegetables
Chicken Shawarma on Rice


chicken on rice with royal garlic sauce and your choice of spice
Chicken Shawarma on Fries


chicken on fries with garlic sauce and your choice of spice


your choice of chicken, beef or lamb($) garnished with tomatoes, onion and tzatziki - served with greek salad


spiced beef and lamb slices garnished with tomatoes, onions and tzatziki - served with greek salad
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Royal Three Dip Platter


combination of taramosalata, tzatziki and hummus served with pita bread


pan fried kefalotiti cheese


red caviar whipped with olive oil and lemon juice served with pita bread


served with pita bread


served with pita bread
Royal Bruschetta


fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, oregano, extra virgin olive oil and feta cheese - served on tasted bread


pastry filled with spinach and feta cheese
Qabulee Palaw


rice with raisins and carrots


traditional Afghani flatbread stuffed and baked with either potato, or leeks


comes with plain rice


also available spicy




Garlic Bread with Feta


Roasted Potatoes


Pita Bread


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